September 28, 2012

Day 7: The Itchy and Scratchy Show

I told Matt he should have enjoyed the time when I was a little depressed, because now?  Now I am ON FIRE.  And a Ginger on fire is a scary thing to behold; imagine how much worse one is to live with.  Because it all must be done.  It must be done NOW.  And resting is for wusses.  Right?


Etc. (former students are twitching now in remembrance, you can be sure.)

In my newfound zeal, I'm totally trashing my office.  I have the children slowly sifting through their desk debris (yeah, that needed to happen anyway!)  I'm trying to help them with a healthy keep/share with others/recycle/trash system, and a cycle of breaks and work times.  So far, so good. There is also the ever-present threat that if they don't deal with their own stuff, I will, and "I might not make the same choices you would." See Evil Ginger, above.

So, trashing the office: I've gotten really very much a lot better about not having dusty dead zones in the house, but the back of a storage closet is kind of hopeless.  In case I had forgotten about the dust allergy in all the sneezing and wheezing, I got to enjoy a nice case of contact dermatitis last night.  I was wearing long sleeves, so the marks on my wrists ended up looking like rope burns.  This makes for interesting conversations at the grocery store, just FYI.

Part of the reason I am on fire is the completely drug-free high of getting rid of stuff.  I continue to be amazed, humbled, and grateful for our age's social media opportunities--they really make parceling out your things easy.  Of course, I'm also grateful to the people who took the stuffs away.

Too much chaos here for pictures today. There will be more.

Don't nag, or Evil Ginger will get you.

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