September 25, 2012

Day 3: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

(Note: Yes, these posts are "tape-delayed"; Day 1 was actually Friday, but we needed some time to make sure certain people found out in person instead of second-hand.  I'm gradually catching up!).

I don't think this is going to work unless we can all get more sleep.  That is one of the myriad things I dislike about the whole moving process, though; it doesn't matter if it works.  It doesn't matter if you're ready.  Once you set the thing in motion, generally it just happens.  It can happen smoothly and calmly, or can be chaotic and fraught. 

I usually try not to fall asleep before Laura does, partly because it panics her if I do, and partly because I wonder what she's up to in my sleep, and therefore don't end up sleeping well.  Last night, in spite of us waking them at a reasonable hour that morning, she was up--well, awake--at one a.m.  And therefore, so was I.  While Matt and I have both been too wired to sleep these last two nights (in his case, I'm sure a great deal of it is happy anticipation--in my case, uh, other things), it's finally spilling over to the children.  I mention it because it's just, you know, a big ol' change for all of us.

I dove right in and packed up five boxes of dusty stuff from my sewing room last night.  One of the aforementioned painting projects was getting that room all fixed up, and it's lovely now. I would take a picture, but since we were full-speed-ahead with other things, once it was finished, I chucked all the stuff that belongs (belonged. Garg.) in that room, promised myself I would wash the dust out of it all and put it back neatly later, and went on.  So it's pretty much a disaster. On the up side (will that perky thing NEVER END??), it makes a dandy place to start, since I don't have time to wash all my stash anyhow.

Just so's you know, we are planning to drive one very large truck (not me), and tow the car behind it (Not Me) and drive the minivan (that would be me. Though I'm lobbying for one of the children to do it.)  As a result, and just because we're never going to afford a rental with six bedrooms (!!!) like we have here, there will be stuff we want to give away.  There will be a complicated matrix of rules and regulations regarding the giving away of stuff, comprised largely of who is in front of me at the time and who can take it away soonest.  I will keep you posted.

Without being completely maudlin about it, I'm taking pictures of things I either want to remember, or things I think would be handy to share in case you know someone who might want to buy the place.  This one is pure sentiment.  In addition to providing lots of free mulch for us and several of our neighbors, every single autumn, this is the view I will miss the most of all, right in my own backyard:

Our joke was, we bought a tree, with a house under it.  Looking back?  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

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