September 25, 2012

Day 2: We're Moving?

Now it's had just over 24 hours to sink in. And I realize, there is too much to do.  Happily, the job is incredibly understanding already about us needing time to leave here in good form, and get there in one piece.  Still, we have less than a month.

Under normal circumstances, I would say that's pretty reasonable for a two-states-away move for a two-parent, one-full-time-job family.  We have, however, in our folly, been painting alllll summer.  And are still not done.  And doing a few things besides painting. And some of the things, the projects and the painting, are RIGHT in the middle (I could be being optimistic; it's a failing of mine. So, they probably aren't even UP to the middle yet, some of them.)  Somehow I don't think leaving them like that is going to help the house sell.

Oh, hey, we're selling our house. Tell everyone you know.  It's really cute, or so we've been told, and is much larger than it looks from the outside, not unlike the Tardis.  (Really.  It's become a standing joke that when people have been given the 10 cent tour of the top and middle floors, and then we take them to the basement door, five of every six say, "There's more?") 

Back to our story: we have all these things to finish, or get to the middle of and THEN finish, plus packing, plus finding a new home, plus being all legal and official (drivers licenses! teaching licenses!  Maybe I should just go ahead and get a passport while I feel all paperworky?  This is another reason why moving those roots is scary: what if you're left with none at all?  I could end up in Fiji, or Ghana.  Monaco?), plus, you know, the Actual Move.  I'm overwhelmed.  I couldn't sleep until around 2:30 last night (my eyes refused to stay open, then, but the brain went right on buzzing for a while.) So many wonderful people have offered lots of ways to help (Bless you!!!), and I'm still sorting out how to say yes, and to what.  (Never fear: I'll get there!)

In my apparently unending ability to always see a bright side (am I the only one that annoys?  Because, really, it's like living with Cindy Lou Who, here.  It's so perky.  Perky is not me.  But the silver lining keeps showing up.  Wha??? Anyway.), I have been in touch with some lovely people in and near Ogden, and am feeling a little better about the transplant site.

I still worry about the state of the roots by the time they get there, though.  Drastic gardening measures may be called for.

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