June 20, 2010

A Paean for Matt

It's been a difficult year to be a parent on top of everything else. Quite fortunately, we still have two children, though it was in some doubt at one point. So the first verse is a thank you, for taking Laura on that harrowing ride to the hospital and staying with her during the first of many IV insertions (Matt Does Not Do Needles. He said he just made sure he knew where the nearest garbage can was, in case he needed it....). He also put aside temporal things and stuck it out at the hospital for two solid weeks; AND, though it was hard, was willing to be the one to leave to fetch things from home and tend Emily.

Thanks for being the dad!

One of the reasons I'm not working next year is that neither of us manages to keep only one job at a time very well...we always end up adding on. So it's worth noting that whenever he could, he was the one to drive out to drop the girls off in the morning, thus giving me either extra vegging time in the van (when I was tagging along), or extra prep time, when I drove myself all the way in to work. And whenever he could, he was also the one to pick them up in the afternoon. There were many days--in between all the meetings!--when I would kiss the girls goodbye and not see them again until we were all at home again. Day in and day out, week after week...that's pretty impressive.

Thanks for being the dad!

Have you noticed that there is no day for husbands, officially? I confess that I tend to follow the trend of anniversaries largely being about the woman having put up with the man for another year, so since we haven't created a husband day just yet, I'll take this opportunity to thank Matt for being a good partner. Apart from missing the person who was gone last week, I was so happy to wake up this morning and know that there was someone else who would do roughly half the chores today. Without fussing about it. We've already started plotting our summer projects--together. I know that I am never going to come home to some "adventure" that he has decided to devote time and money to without checking in with me....it's just not "how he rolls." And for that, I am so grateful, since I do not ever want to roll that way myself.

Thanks for being the husband! (that was clearly a bridge, not a chorus.)

Finally, I must mention the pure daddy-ness involved. There are "emo" moments with Laura that Matt understands (and can cope with) infinitely better than I can. He is much better at many games than I, including but not limited to Chase, Throw the Ball, Bounce the Ball, Jump, and Boogie. He is a good sport about us "seeding" him with songs as he hums and whistles around the property. And of course, we love him.

Thanks for being the dad!

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