September 23, 2008

Walking Like an Old Guy

Matt dropped the girls off at preschool today, stopped long enough at work to let them know he would be gone, and took himself to the hospital.

He's had some pain in the abdomen--no, not on the appendix side--the last few days, and it suddenly got worse this morning. They ran several tests, including x-rays to check for kidney stones and a CAT scan to check for all sorts of things, and so far their best guess is that it's some kind of infection somewhere in the intestinal tract. More tests are coming, but they let him leave with TWO antibiotics prescriptions to take for now.

He says it only hurts when he's not holding absolutely still.

Meanwhile, so far we're still hosting a tournament this weekend. The school was closed down yesterday morning because of a power outage. So when he got done with the medicos, he went back to work (tho' school was out by then) to start coping with all the registrations to compete that had come in yesterday and today.

Will post more info. as it becomes available...hopefully, it will be nothing too exciting to report.


EM Lewis said...

Hugs to both of you. Hope Matt feels better soon!!!


Tami said...

Oh no! How is he now?

Ginger Ogle said...

Better! Sorry for the long suspense. No relapses so far.