August 29, 2008

Dear Rachel,

Although lots of people have dropped hints, a few have been bold enough to ask, and at least one has actually nagged, you are the first person, I do believe, to take the time to send me a snail-mail letter urging me to update my blog!

So this one's for you.

It's been an incredibly busy summer, mostly because I've been working. Most weeks, I've gone out to school at least once. On virtually every other day, I used the afternoon to work on sewing some clothes for myself (a job still unfinished...), and also to look through the mountains of curriculum stuff left me by my predecessor. Matt made some good progress on finishing up the house's trim painting job. (The girls now have fond memories of Daddy sitting on the counter with his feet in the kitchen sink, painting the outside trim on the windows above the sink from the inside.) He also built a new picnic table (the old one was disintegrating before our eyes).

We got a new car, a new set of mattresses (way overdue!), and a new computer (with free iPod). I have actually and with no incidents driven the minivan now--it's still a bit scary because it's so huge, but I hope to keep my good record. I have even parked and un-parked without hitting innocent bystanders (or by-cars). I did a little happy dance at school yesterday when I found that the funny adapter thing that came with my computer was, in fact, exactly what I needed to hook it to the projector at school...thus making my wiki very workable (I *could* use the evil PC to project, but this way I don't have to be compatible, or export my own bookmarks. Heaven.) Also, the nice tech people from the District connected my own dear Dobby to the wireless network, which works both in my classroom and in the library--and the projector lives in the library but is also happy to travel. Gotta love flexibility!

I still have a few loose ends to tie up over the weekend, and quite a lot of planning to do. I am starting to feel, however, that I will live to see the end of the year. And downright excited when I start thinking and talking about my wiki and having the kids do some podcasting... the District tech people get these sappy, happy looks on their faces ...amazingly, I am something of a bolt from the blue there, I think.

How are the girls? They are fine. They looooooooove their preschool, though I think they'd rather we could all stay home when they're tired. Laura has completely attached to her main teacher, and is slowly getting to know and like the others. Emily has mostly gotten over her initial fear of the Big Potty they have there, and loves to climb on the play equipment. Both entertain us with the new/old songs they've picked up. For the most part they seem to be well and happy there, and I know *we* have been happy with the quality of care. Our schedule is tough on them; we get up at 5, they get up at 5:30, and if all goes like clockwork we manage to get home by about 4:45. That's a long day for a little one! (On the up side, they fall right asleep at night.)

Matt has one new "prep" class to set up. He is still the co-president of the union. And the NFL District Chair. And the first tournament is coming up at the end of September, as usual. (The first workshop, even earlier than that.)

My garden has gone to seed this had a slow beginning because of weather, a slower still middle because of work, and then--agonizingly--I just realized I didn't have the time to do it all. I'm still hoping to at least tuck it in nicely this fall and try again next year.

I have to have my wisdom teeth out; but I can't just make an appointment. Because I was honest on my little health form for the dentist, I have to have allergy testing to make sure that anything they might use or give me for that surgery, will not cause a repeat of the asthma attacks I had with each girl's arrival (they did give me lidocaine before each c-section. So we'll see....) Since I have to go without some of my favorite (i.e., most helpful) medications to do the allergy testing, not to mention the thrill of oral surgery as a reward...I am not looking forward to it all that much.

We've tried to make the summer full of good memories; we've been to the beach at least four times (five...six? times), once for a two-night stay at a beach house (we really liked the house, though the beds were terrible--even the kid beds! But it did have location, location, location going for it in a big way.) We spent Emily's third birthday at the Aquarium, and our adventure for August was taking Grandma Ma and Grandma Pat and Grandpa Bill with us to play at the beach...except Grandma Ma got really sick and couldn't go (she's better). The beach was so exciting that Bill fell asleep--quite a feat when you're being offered a plastic toy full of sand to pretend it's a plate and eat off of--and yes, we have pictures as proof. The same house we stayed in is already on reserve for a weekend later in the fall; if I don't schedule time away, I know I won't rest enough.

We had a great time at the fair today, looking at lots of live animals and seeing the sights of the midway (not riding anything or even playing; just LOOKING was excitement enough for the girls!) Although she fussed about the noise at the time, Laura's favorite was the roosters, while Emily preferred the bunnies. I liked the cows. Matt was amazed at the pig mama with 11 (count 'em) piglets, who--apparently--spend all their time eating. (Let me just say that that pig must be getting more than her share of oxytocin to tolerate all those customers at once....) Since the girls have not yet made it to a zoo, this was one of those great days.

Before I forget, another pitch for the fair (it wraps up on Monday). They have way cooler facilities than when I was there as a teenager; for instance, we spent some time in the "Toddler Zone", all free with crawling toys and safe mats and drawing equipment *and* a changing table stocked with lots of diapers in a variety of sizes. We also found a booth set up near the Artist's area where kids could sit and paint or color--also free.

So there you go; that ought to catch you up a little. No promises for updates as the school year gets into full swing; I've been spending my spare time snuggling with my babies whenever I can!

Yours very truly,


Rachel said...

My goodness! I feel so privileged. My name up there in big bold letters. I'm practically a celebrity! No pictures, please. Okay, maybe just a few *SMILE* *GRIN* *THUMBS UP* Hi Mom! I'm going to Disneyland!
Okay I'm done. :) Thank You for the update!

JJ said...

Great update! Glad to hear that you're still around and having a great time :-)

EM Lewis said...

Glad to hear that things are going well for the Ogles. Hugs to all of you!

Also... "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" was HILARIOUS. AWESOME. You got great kids.