June 4, 2008

Will Work for ~$300 a Month

It's a long story, but the quick and dirty version is: I need a job this fall. It needs to be a PERS job, which means teaching or government work.

I can explain more when it's not so crazy, but essentially, the reason I need it now is to stay in Tier II of PERS; hence the title. That's how much I stand to lose a month at retirement, in today's dollars, if I fall out of Tier II, which will happen without me getting in around 600 or so hours in a PERS job before the end of the calendar year (a full-time teaching position would fit that bill quite nicely). When I first found out (last week), I was a little horrified--we were always planning on sending me back, and had always wanted one of us home with the girls until they were up to three (which Emily turns this summer), but I'd settled in to the idea of waiting until they were in school. Now, I'm seeing that they'll be fine and would probably actually benefit from a little preschool...Laura's grown out of a lot of her "transition issues", and we'll find her a place she likes. Emily will probably like anywhere with toys.

So, into the fray I go. All job referrals welcome!

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Tami said...

I always get a little bit panicky when I stumble across stuff like this...AFAIK, I'm in Tier One and vested, so I'm in the 8% group whether or not I continue to work/add to my account.

I am a slug about keeping up with the news, though, and I'm well aware that they can change the rules anytime. As it stands, the 10 or so years that I put in before resigning when Noah was an infant will serve me well when the time comes. It'd always be nice to add to it, but I can work on my own plan (i.e., Roth IRA etc) and then have various places to draw from when I needed in a few decades...but it makes sense for me to leave my PERS balance where it is because of my Tier One vested status, despite that I'm inactive.

*Whew* thanks for making me go look, though.