April 4, 2008

Sweet Things

When I was horribly sick in December, and my allergies were going bananas, Laura was very sweet to me.

We have a popcorn-popper toy, and the girls call it their "vacuum"; okay, the movement to get it to go and sing its song does look a lot like what the grownups do when they vacuum. Laura has figured out that Daddy vacuums so that Mama won't get sick, i.e., allergic.

So in December, whenever I said I was sick (even when it was just the cold), she would say, "*I'll* vacuum for you, Mama!" and she did. In fact, she asked me on several different occasions if I was feeling sick, and followed it up with the offer--and the popper...just in case.


In spite of Emily being turbo-charged, she loves to snuggle. The following scene occurs once or twice a week, usually after she's been asleep:

[parent--it happens with both of us--is holding Emily on their shoulder. Emily's head is down.]

P: "Can I set you down, Em?"
E: "No. I not done wuvving you yet."
P: "awwwwwww...okay, I guess I can hold you a bit longer...."

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