April 6, 2008

Speech Team at 2008 Districts

We creamed 'em.

The team is sending students to State in every event there is, save C-X (which no one in our District does, so it's not like we lost anything). Many events have more than one qualifier from our team (most events send 2 or 3 students or debate teams). Each school is limited in how many entries it can have at Districts, which means we actually had to exclude some people from even competing there...but most of the students we did send to Districts, are going on to State.

That's a big step on the way to doing well at State (just getting our kids there). We have five practices between now and then, and NFL Congress next weekend, so there's not much time to do much radical change...but most of these kids have been doing well all year, so hopefully nobody needs any radical change. Tune in in two weeks to see how it turned out.

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Tami said...

W00t! It's so great that you are doing what you've always loved. :)