April 20, 2008

We Are the Champions

Yesterday, our team won State in the 5A division!

And, not coincidentally, one of our kids was a State Champion (in Impromptu). That alone couldn't make us number one, however; many, many of our speakers went to various finals.

That was plenty for one day's excitement. But, there's more. Matt was elected the Speech Educator of the Year for this coming school year! So, next year at State, he gets to give a speech and accept the honor during a special assembly.

It was a good day.

April 12, 2008

It's a Two-Fer

We qualified another one to Nationals, in Congress. So now Matt gets to take two teenage boys to Vegas.

That doesn't sound quite right....

and yet, it's true!

April 6, 2008

Speech Team at 2008 Districts

We creamed 'em.

The team is sending students to State in every event there is, save C-X (which no one in our District does, so it's not like we lost anything). Many events have more than one qualifier from our team (most events send 2 or 3 students or debate teams). Each school is limited in how many entries it can have at Districts, which means we actually had to exclude some people from even competing there...but most of the students we did send to Districts, are going on to State.

That's a big step on the way to doing well at State (just getting our kids there). We have five practices between now and then, and NFL Congress next weekend, so there's not much time to do much radical change...but most of these kids have been doing well all year, so hopefully nobody needs any radical change. Tune in in two weeks to see how it turned out.

Calling Dr. Laura

A few weeks ago, Laura decided to take her turn caring for a family pet. Here are the pics and some explanation.

[Tami nagging set to: OFF] ;-)

April 4, 2008

Sweet Things

When I was horribly sick in December, and my allergies were going bananas, Laura was very sweet to me.

We have a popcorn-popper toy, and the girls call it their "vacuum"; okay, the movement to get it to go and sing its song does look a lot like what the grownups do when they vacuum. Laura has figured out that Daddy vacuums so that Mama won't get sick, i.e., allergic.

So in December, whenever I said I was sick (even when it was just the cold), she would say, "*I'll* vacuum for you, Mama!" and she did. In fact, she asked me on several different occasions if I was feeling sick, and followed it up with the offer--and the popper...just in case.


In spite of Emily being turbo-charged, she loves to snuggle. The following scene occurs once or twice a week, usually after she's been asleep:

[parent--it happens with both of us--is holding Emily on their shoulder. Emily's head is down.]

P: "Can I set you down, Em?"
E: "No. I not done wuvving you yet."
P: "awwwwwww...okay, I guess I can hold you a bit longer...."

April 3, 2008

I need inspiration...

So I have a few minutes, but for the first time (surely not the last), I find myself...uninspired. So I need to hear from you. I know Tami wants pictures; what does everybody else want to hear about/see/etc.?

Hook up them thar jumper cables and get me going! (you can leave comments, or email me, or whatever...don't do smoke signals, though, it aggravates the asthma).

April 2, 2008

The Apple Has Not Fallen Far...

So, Saturday, two of our co-captains were wonderful and came and babysat for us. Sunday, and Monday, and yesterday, Laura has been saying a particular word (okay, it's the word "no") in a distinct and rather obvious imitation of one of said co-captains. Today, said co-captain finally got to hear her say it, and realized that wow, it *does* sound like her.

I said, smirkily, "Children are wonderful mirrors."

(I said that to the co-captain, mind you).

And Laura said, even more smirkily, "Yes, we ARE!"

Gee. I appear to have given birth to a smartass. Who'd a thunk?

April 1, 2008

ain't got, got, got no time...

but I know Tam's not the only one eager for Ogle news.

So: we had Spring Break.

Before that, we qualified one kid to nationals (in LD Debate; they can only go in one event, now).

Before that, we were having a tournament almost every weekend, and before that, we got to play for a night out, thanks to a generous gift from my aunt and cousin (we went and saw..."The Debaters". Of course!).

Before that, I enjoyed my very-much-a-surprise-gift post-Christmas night out...mostly. I got to see Ellen for several hours, and we enjoyed a leisurely dinner, followed by coloring (we are, after all, party animals!) No children of mine were present at the dinner, and it was oh! so lovely to just talk like, and realize we actually are....grownups. I enjoyed the hot tub. I did not enjoy the dusty bed, though I had just finished my course of steroids and was actually much better. I ended up sleeping on a leather loveseat, some, and decided maybe next year....I'll send the family away instead. :-)

And I plan to start allergy shots, once speech season is done. We'll see if they work for me....

Over Spring Break (what was left after NFL), we did not sit still much. I had to work on our taxes, which are considerably more complicated this year as we both have self-employment income (that's just one of the perks...okay, it's the only perk....wait, it's NOT a perk! of Matt's being the union president; although he has no expenses to put against it, he is considered a sole proprietor in his union hat.)

We also managed to get to the library for a kid's concert--fun! though Laura stood just outside the auditorium to do her dancing--and took the girls out to lunch one day, just for fun (chocolate shakes and balloons get them every time!) Matt did some school work. We took delivery (free) of four filing cabinets and a desk (free.) Those will make my, and possibly Matt's office, very happy at some point.

Saturday we had a lovely afternoon, thanks entirely to two of our co-captains who had given us three free babysitting sessions for Christmas. Taking them at their word, we took all three sessions in one day: we both got lots of work done in the morning, got the girls (ours) down for their naps, then went off to explore the Mission Mill Museum and go out to dinner. As a fabric addict, it was fascinating for me to see how the wool was processed, but the most gripping thing I saw was the mill race; it had never really made sense to me that you could, you know, lose a child in one, because when I think of a mill, I picture a water wheel alongside some placid creek back East. That's not enough to run a woolen mill, so they purposely channel the water into a narrower space to make it stronger and faster--hence, I'm guessing, "race." Anyway, it was amazing to see wimpy little Mill Creek suddenly look like a scary rapids. Good engineering.

Now we're in the breathless race (sorry ;-)) to Districts. We've been having practice three days a week, which is one reason you haven't had reports--getting the girls up in the morning, then down in time (and tired enough) for naps, then up and hustled out the door in time to make practice at 3:15 (or so) is no joke. Doing it two days in a row, as we are now, is even less jokier. And I do still love that whither I goest, goest them, too; it's just time-consuming right now.

Upcoming pictures you are owed (go ahead, nag me. It couldn't hurt...):
  • Laura "doctoring" Dudley the cat while Emily reads him books
  • child faces around our dining room table, from a gathering of the Usual Suspects

Something to Smile About

In today's news, NCLB is being repealed. Much joy. ;-)