February 28, 2008

Nightgown Pics

As demanded by Tami, here are pics of the Great Gown Adventure.

(The camera is apparently on its last legs, but it suffered a miraculous rebirth just before being looked at by an actual repair-person, so we'll see how many shots we can get out of it before replacement!)


Tami said...

Oh my heavens. I want to smoosh and kiss them. They are so pretty! Thank you!

Rachel said...

That last photo is very pretty. You look just like I remember you! ;) James and I have a similar picture up on myspace now. We call it our "deathface" for reasons that are very topsecret

Ginger Ogle said...

Thanks to the both of you. It's always nice to show off, though these are not my best work (I know they're only going to last a short while and hey...they sleep in them. We're the only ones who see them (except for pics, now!) But if the camera lasts, I promise to show off the really well-tailored thing I've been working on. Whenever I actually finish it. :-)