November 27, 2007

Your Witness! er...turn.

This one will sound pretty esoteric if you're not familiar with speech and debate, but I am excited because our team is *finally* going to have some competitors trying to do a certain kind of debate, called C-X.

C-X stands for Cross-Examination Debate, and it's very sophisticated in terms of intellectual arguments; requires lots of research and evidence to be hauled around from debate to debate; and has the same topic for the whole school year. It's a lot of work, but I think it makes students think in ways that our other kinds of debate do not. So I'm fairly jazzed about having some do it (and it helps that they know they're going to lose a lot before they get good at it.) It's also really the one and only event that we haven't had someone at least *try*....and since the team's sweepstakes points are calculated based on what everyone does...and debate is worth lots of sweepstakes's been a bit of a handicap in terms of racking up those nice team awards.

So it's a good thing for everybody.

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