November 7, 2007

You Never Count Your Veggies When You're Sittin' At the Table

Steve Solomon, one of the acknowledged gurus of veggie gardening in these here parts, says pretty much anything planted in the garden after September 30th is a gamble. Apparently, I like to shake those dice and let 'em roll, because I snuck outside one day--weary of costume making--last month, and planted my Gambler's Crop of winter goodies.

Everything came up, which is the first gamble (will the weather cooperate, or will all those tiny seeds just rot in the rain?)

And in one way, at least, I figure I've already gotten my money's worth. See, last weekend I took the girls out to frolic in the leaves and such, and took the opportunity to actually thin the little babies (and continue the fruitless effort to rescue them from the smothering maple leaves). Laura decided she was interested in chowing down what, properly marketed, would be about $15 worth of micro-greens: I pulled up the baby spinaches and made little bouquets of them, and she picked them out of said bouquets one at a time, and bit their tiny heads off. So I think even if we get nothing else from this crop, at least she got her vitamins for that day.

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