November 9, 2007

Ya Want Some Cheese Wit Dat?

Today was flu shot day for the three female Ogles. I didn't cry, but there was a lot of screaming from other people in the room...most of it before the actual shots.

On the up side, they got their stickers--two each! I think the nurse was glad to be rid of us.

Being completely foolish, and probably wobbly-brained from the cold I had already, I thought I'd just walk over to the lab--since we were at the clinic anyway--and find out if I could actually get my blood drawn with two children in tow. I figured they'd say no, and I'd have to come back at some later, put-offable date, sans brood.


The nice lady said, looking appraisingly at my offspring, "Sure. It shouldn't be a problem." Rats!

So, as if to immediately prove her wrong, each child deposited one of her stickers on a table in the (crowded, needless to say) waiting room, then proceeded to fight in wailing whining toddler voices over who had which doggy sticker. (I finally stuck them in my purse. The doggy stickers, not the children.....though it was close.)

Of course, the actual bloodletting went pretty uneventfully. They were fascinated, the little ghouls!

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Tami said...

I swear, we lead parallel lives, you and kiddos accompanied me to the rheumo's office today for my own round of bimonthly bloodletting. No flu shots for us, though. I avoid them now with all the auto-immune crap, and Noah has already had his this year. Luckily, he's old enough to get the nasal spray. He still hates it but says it's definitely better than the shot.