November 30, 2007

Toy Containment

Well, it's not nearly as important as, you know, nuclear containment, but this set of devices has been a godsend for all of us.

I was inspired to track it down by two things: seeing an arrangement of bins and boxes at Ty and Erin's house, and of course, by the dust allergy.

There are much cheaper versions out there; we went with a more expensive rack that's guaranteed not to fall on short people (it's really sturdy on its feet) or give them splinters, and that comes with lids for the bins--absolutely necessary for it to fulfill its duty here. (We used some of the proceeds from the summer Big Sale to pay for it.)

A side benefit, not entirely unpredicted by us, is that the children are *much* more organized. They know where to find their toys when they want them (our previous "filing system", which worked great for fill-and-dumping toddlerhood, was just a big wicker basket. Clean up? Throw in! But it was hard to find things later....) And of course, clean up is easy, because they hardly ever get out everything at once.

A side benefit that was completely unexpected is that Laura loves to dust them. Obsessively. Give her a cloth, and she will take a bin out, set it on the couch, polish it up, take it back, and pick another. Perhaps she's going to be a jeweler....

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The Kiesel's said...

We did this in Jack's room and the living room too. He's still in dump mode, but I'm hoping some of mama's anal retentiveness will rub off on him.