November 28, 2007

The Seneca Falls Series

Another series of mysteries I've been enjoying lately is by Miriam Grace Monfredo. She sets her stories around the middle of the 1800's, and the sleuth is a female librarian (being cutting edge by being female, and by having a lending library at all, and by refusing to get married, in spite of four or so men hanging by her and helping in the solving.)

Flitting to and fro in the stories are historical figures, especially from the suffrage and abolitionist movements. I appreciate her ability to make them seem human--how many of us, if we think of Elizabeth Cady Stanton at all, think of her husband and children?

They are set--at least partly--in upstate New York (and I honestly can't remember, but I *think* my Aunt recommended them to me long ago; being from there and a librarian, it would not surprise me much! :-) ).

Anyway, they are great. I had trouble putting them down....until they were finished, anyway. The characters are finely drawn, and many of them have a clear sense of humor. The inequalities of life then are ever-present but do not overwhelm the narrative. Good stuff.

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