November 2, 2007

Not a Child of the Corn

Because our lives weren't interesting enough, we've finally figured out in the last month or so that Emily has not one, but two allergies. Well, maybe one's just a food sensitivity. Who knows. Anyway, to the previously fairly obvious problem with eggs, we now add corn.

Neither of them is sending her to the hospital (though I'd just as soon nobody fed her, you know, a whole deviled egg or anything); so far, we just get hives. In my completely un-medical-schooled mind, I'm assuming the corn issue is the lesser one, because it's just her face that breaks out. Eggs give her hives all over, usually starting on her legs and spreading hither and yon over time. It doesn't take much, although so far flu shots and such haven't bothered her (well, they bother her, of course. But it's from being poked with something sharp, not the egg in the vaccine).

In the hopes of minimizing such problems, we're obviously trying to limit her exposure. *Very* fortunately, the list of processed, pre-cooked items we eat is fairly short...and that's fortunate because--have you noticed?--just about anything in a box or a plastic package or a jar or even a can, has corn syrup in it. Even bread, fer crying out loud. It's on my list to just break down and make a huge batch of homemade bread, to have on-call in the freezer for when the exactly one variety they carry at the store which she can eat runs out of stock.

I apologize for all the prepositional phrases in the previous sentence. Some days, I'm allergic to punctuation!

I can see school age could be a trying time, although I hold out hope that maybe she'll be one of the lucky ones who grows out of the egg allergy, at least (there are worse things than a corn allergy, if only because it guarantees you a lifetime of eating mostly unprocessed foods.)

On the other hand, she can eat all the peanut butter she can stand. It could be much worse--peanut allergies are just plain scary.

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Anonymous said...

I have a 9 months old who has been recently diagnosed with a egg and corn allergy along with a peanut allergy. I have been having a horribly hard time trying to find food for her to eat. I also have a 2 year old who is allergy free that makes it very difficult because he's a snacker and his little sis wants the snacks but can't have them.