November 13, 2007

Crackin' the Back

Matt has just about finished his initial, intense treatment under the hands of the chiropractor. The hardest thing about it has been all the appointments after school (two to three days a week); in looking back over the calendar, between that and speech and the union, there have been *very* few days he's home before five. Since we pretty much have to eat around five (or as soon thereafter as possible) to get Matt's (or sometimes, my) break in and the girls treated and to bed on time, it's been something of a marathon for the last few months.

So, has it been worth it? The reviews are mixed. Matt says he's definitely noticed changes, but he still hurts. The pain moves around with different treatments. He reports that he thinks he feels better....

I confess to a certain skepticism; not with chiropractors in particular, but with the whole "holistic" movement (I think chiro.s can, and do, do a lot of good for some folks. As can naturopaths, and lots of others.) So what's my beef? It's the idea that there is always something wrong with everybody. I mean, yes, okay, when my former doctor told me I was basically healthy as she sent me out the door--missing entirely the massive allergy that made me miserable night and day--she was an idiot. But I still like the concept that people are basically okay to start with, and that medicine exists to intervene when there's a problem. From what I've seen of the holistic route, you are assumed to be broken, and although you can improve, you will always BE broken...thus ensuring a tidy income stream for the practitioners. Am I the only one who's noticed this?

So that's my bias.

I'm glad that things seem to be slowing down a bit in the appointment department, and continue to hope that Matt's back doesn't bother him as much as it did before. We will just have to see.


Ty Davison said...

Having had poor results with a chiropractor myself, I'm probably biased on the subject. Still, my vote nowadays is for massage therapy which has not only yielded good medical results for me but also tends to feel nice. =)

Hope Matt's back is better soon.

Ginger Ogle said...

Thanks for the well-wishes. Usually, he says he feels better the day of the treating, but I wonder about the long-term change we'll see. I guess only time will tell.

Glad to know I'm not the only one with a bias. (and yet, you know, if I felt I had something terrible, and traditional medicine wasn't helping, I'd go holistic in a heartbeat. But only if there were something *wrong*.)

Tami said...

As a person with lifelong back trouble, I have to add to this...

Ty's right, I have gotten MUCH better results over the years from massage than from the chiropractor.

When I had actual herniated/ruptured discs, there was a place in Salem that was still open at the time called Oregon CORF. They did *serious* traction half your body weight plus 10-20 pounds. At the time, I weighed nearly 300 pounds, so that was a LOT of traction pulling my pelvis in a direction opposite my shoulders and neck. It helped a TON, though. I wish they were still open.

I have discovered that if you attempt to have your doctor order a traction unit for use at the end of your bed, or the doorframe, you won't get more than about 40 pounds of traction...and I was looking for at least 100 pounds, you know?

I want one of those inversion tables. I also wish for a place to put it...*sigh* But really, the traction was as good as surgery, in my book, and didn't involve anyone using sharp instruments anywhere near my spinal column. If I had blown discs again, I would definitely buy that table.

When I finally went to the rheumo for the general aches and pains all over problem, he told me I've had osteoarthrtis for years and's just that no one ever called it that, and the idea hadn't occured to me. I just thought I had genetically poor back muscles and poorer discs.

Anyway, just sharing my experiences, as they have been so many over the years. Back pain sucks sucks sucks! I hope Matt finds relief someplace. I'd definitely recommend deep tissue massage, it seems to really help with blood flow (as does the traction).

Airin Hazelwood said...

I just came across this site looking for a rheumotologist. Your blog made the top three!!!!woo hoo!! Go Ginger. Go Matt. All my love,in this random spot. Airin