November 29, 2007

Laura Loves to Label

All is categorized for Laura. She's deeply into checking to make sure what gender someone is; she doesn't, you know, lift their skirts or anything, but she's trying to tell just by looking at them as they are. So far, she's got a good track record. But I think it freaks the speechies out a little bit when they hear her saying, "Mama, X is a boy, right? And Y is a girl?"

It's not just sex, but a variety of other things go in categories. For instance, some songs are assigned to certain people. Tonight on the way home I was singing along to "Feliz Navidad", when this Voice from the Backseat said, "No, Mama, you can't sing *Daddy's* song!" (N.B.: no criticism was made of the quality of the singing itself. :-) ) Exercising admirable self-restraint, I didn't tell her to shut up; I just said that yes, I could sing it, because Daddy didn't write it or anything; he just sings it a lot. I think that confused her, as she conceded the point by maintaining silence!

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