November 16, 2007

I'm In a New York State of Mind

Tonight, as I sit in my cozy office in the Pacific Northwest, a bunch of people I really want to meet (and a few whom I actually *have* met) are meeting and greeting each other, and feasting on food in New York City. This weekend is the annual NCTE Convention. That's the National Council of Teachers of English, in case ya didn't know.

When I was in graduate school, one of our assignments was to research a professional group; I'd already found the NCTE list-serv at that point, so it was an easy A. But I decided to stick around, and the email group isn't even affiliated with NCTE anymore (though most of the members are the same; the Council's server crashed and was not fixed for rather too long, so we found our own way. See Interversity for more wacky details about the "Talkies".) Anyway, this gaggle of crazy English types has been a lifeline for me for years, not just for teaching ideas--of which they have plenty--but for just about anything teacher (or not-teacher!) related you could think of.

When the Spring Convention (a much smaller sibling to the annual hooha) was in Portland, I got to hobnob with a few of my virtual pals. They were even more fun and amazing in person than they are online. So I raise my water bottle in a toast to them all tonight, wishing them safe journey on the streets of NYC, and plot my way to go to another gathering...soon.

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