November 8, 2007

Don't Eat This Snow, Either

It just seems sad to rake it all up (lustfully as I want all that carbon for the compost.) See, you can hardly tell that the picnic table's broken!

(Oh, and if you look at the left side, just right of the tree trunk, you can see Max, the Queen of all she surveys....that's one of the Pickerel's cats. We generally have a symbiotic relationship, except when she leaves carcasses lying around [shudder]). Otherwise, she is a very decorative addition to the landscape, and even lets me pet her.)

In other news...I finally have the first cold of the season (the girls have been messing around with something for a few weeks, though they seem healthy now. Of course.) And it could have come from so many different sources that no one who might have been a carrier should feel much guilt!

Several have asked about the Ancient Feline; his kidney numbers are starting to slightly creep back up a little (as expected, unless something else gets him first), but otherwise the vet pronounced him a "model senior citizen". He's never been a model *anything* before, trust me--he whose file at the doc's says "DANGER!!!" in large red lettering. (It amazes me that this same animal will let me stab him every other day for his fluids, take medicine from me, etc.; yesterday he didn't even get up for the juice, just lay there and worked on getting back to his twelfth nap of the day.) His feral beginnings really show under medical influences, I guess. But I secretly always root for him to be obnoxious, because if he's strong enough to be pissy, he must be doing okay.

As a result of her birthday, Laura has become a parent. (Yes, you read that right). Grandpa Bill gave her a dolly with a little cloth carrying bed and some baby accessories, and I swear, it's like having a newborn in the house again. Dolly gets faithfully taken up and down the stairs, so she can sleep with Mommy, tucked in with her (Dolly's) very own little blanket on Laura's bed.

We are told to "Be *quiet*! My dolly is *sleeping*!"

We discuss Dolly's moods at meals:
L: (two bites of oatmeal into her breakfast) "Good morning, Mama! My dolly's sad, can I get down?"
M: (gathering his coat and preparing to leave for work, and closer to Dolly than I) "She's okay, just a little fussy today."
G: (not really awake yet, not being a Morning Person in the first place, but trying to play along) "Is she really okay?"
M: (completely straight faced, sounding a little concerned) "Yes, she's just been kinda crabby this morning."
G: "Finish your breakfast, dear, and then you can check on her. Daddy says she's fine right now."
L: "Okay. I think she just wants to sleep, but I'm almost done, and then I'll rock her."

I hope Laura's put some thought into saving for Dolly's college education.

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Tami said...

Okay, I feel some deep need to truly assure you I DID NOT READ this post before my post today. REALLY. In fact, I found myself surprised that I hadn't emailed you about our brood sooner, knowing your love of's just that your address isn't in the contacts for the particular email address from which I sent out the heads-up.