November 14, 2007

Austin Air Suckers

During the summer, a large percentage of my unexpected income went to two air purifiers. We put one in the basement, in our bedroom, and the other on the main floor, in the living room.

They have made a world of difference!

I sleep better (even with all the pillows and mattresses encased in plastic and such, the bugs start to bother me again after just a few days. Clearly, I am a Princess. Dammit.). Matt sleeps better (in part, I'm sure, because my snoring doesn't wake him up any more). The girls sleep better, and wake up much more cheerfully. I can sit on the upholstered furniture again (we've been vacuuming it religiously, but not until the purifiers had been in place for a few weeks did I really notice a change for the better).

I bought these in particular not because of price--they are not cheap--but because Laurie had one running whilst I was sleeping on her couch. Ordinarily, that would be a miserable experience for me, but I was pretty okay. When I told her how surprised I was, she pointed out the air purifier a few feet away (I hadn't actually known what it was 'til then!) and explained what it did.

So, I asked my allergist about it the next week at a previously scheduled appointment, and she said she'd had several patients have success with them. A personal experience plus a medical go-ahead? That's enough for me!

We call them "air suckers"...I don't know why, except I don't think the girls could quite figure out "purifier" when we first unveiled them.

As an added benefit, because they have activated carbon in the filter, they do a dandy job of cleaning out organic know, cat box "odor", burning debris on the stove burner or in the oven, those wandering smells that seem to trail after certain family members, field burning smoke, and truly, et cetera.

As a final piece of evidence: Matt and I were both a little alarmed at the cost. So I suggested we try one and see what it would do. Within just a few days of the first's arrival, we had decided to order the second.

(and just so you know, they're not paying me for this. :-) )


Tami said...

Wow, I will have to look at those sometime! I admit that in home air filters are just not something I have any knowledge or experience with, except for the furnace add-on ones. I just shelled out for another nebulizer for Noah the other day because I'm tired of having to haul it back and forth from home to school and back again. I have always had a nagging thought in the back of my head that he at least needs an air purifier in his room, but I've always been skeptical of them.

Those are spendy! Also, the replacement filters are not often would you have to replace those? I'm glad they are working, considering the cost. I would love it if my sinuses were clearer from January-June.

Ginger Ogle said...

We have a special furnace filter, too, which helps but we have to take it out and wash it once a month (a pain..but as I say, it works.)

The filters are supposed to be replaced in the air suckers about every two years, I think. You are also supposed to (and we do) vacuum them off once a month to clear out the "pre-filters" which catch the big stuff--cat hair, particles, etc.

I don't mean to give unsolicited advice...but those stuffed animals give me pause. Do they take trips to the freezer now and then, and then get a spin in the wash? 'Cause dust mites loooooove stuffed animals that snuggle with warm humans at night....just ask, I know about dust. But it depends on what it is that bothers his asthma...though something like 90% of those with allergy-related asthma, are allergic to dust mites.

Lucky you. :-\

Tami said...

They do get washed a lot. I would say probably twice a month. I can't tell you how many of them I've sewn back together. He doesn't have any carpet in his room, and it does get dusted and vacuumed at least weekly. His sheets get changed a lot as well...more in the spring when the pollen's up, though. Viruses in the winter and pollen in the spring seem to be his worst enemies. Dust doesn't seem to bother him, amazingly, although dust mites are totally a different matter. But yes, keeping him breathing properly is a full time job. Gak.

Ginger Ogle said...

Ah, you're already on top of it. No surprise. :-) Sounds like the only other thing you could do (apart from air suckers) is encase the mattress and pillows. But if dust ain't his thang, it's probably not going to matter.