November 19, 2007

Also Known As Alias Moniker Misnomer

It's hard to keep track of my name these days.

Of course, I answer to "Mama" and "Mommy." But I'm also expected to answer to other, more random monikers.

This is probably just a developmental thing; heaven knows teenagers are always into trying on new identities. The difference here is that the whole family gets renamed. For instance, after Sesame Street exposure, Laura requested that she be known as "Cookie Monster"; Emily alternated between "Snuffleupagus" and "Big Bird."

{Scene: evening; it is bedtime. Mama tenderly kisses and hugs Emily and says--predictably--"I love you, Em, sleep well." Child responds in her toddler lisp: "*I'n* the SNUFF UP GUS!" Okay. "I love you, Snuffleupagus. Sleep well."}

Eventually, though, it was not enough for them to be different; I was dubbed "Grover" and Daddy became...."Zoe." Please don't ask why, because I have no idea.

We (the adults) were given several weeks to get this straight. But then last weekend.... :

L: I'm not Cookie, I'm *kitty*.
E: And *I'm* cow!
L.: and Mama's!
E.: What's Daddy?
L.: (obviously thinking hard) He is a.....frog!

I'm planning to contact all the credit bureaus, just to be on the safe side.

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