September 10, 2007

Summer Round-Up, 2007

My last day of taking the train up to help Laurie was Saturday. It's awfully nice to be settling into the rhythm of school days again, busy as they can be. I have so many things that are pestering me to be caught up, and the Season of Speech Weekends starts....this weekend! Still, I have much more time to do that catching up when I am actually operating out of the home.

On the other hand, I'm awfully glad I was in a position to help. I think one of the hardest things--for me, at least--when someone I know has died, has been the inability of people I care about to take my help (I assume it's inability; maybe they just don't *want* me. Hey, I've got a healthy ego! :-) ). Since that happened three separate times in the last four years, it's nice that this time, not only was there something concrete I could do, but I was actually asked--and welcomed--to do it. I know I'm not very good at asking for help myself--or even accepting it, if others are brave enough to offer--and it's something I wish to get better at. This was a good lesson for me in how to do it gracefully, and I hope it's contagious.

Not least because, along with the real work we did, it was an awful lot of fun to reconnect and remember why we're friends in the first place (we always have Excellent Adventures!) And I was glad to be close by, a human presence, during moments of pain.

All in all, not a bad way to spend the summer. Our house may not be perfect, but our hearts feel pretty whole.


gibby said...

Life is all about the "heart"! Helping when we can is a great feeling, not only for us but especially for those who are on the receiving end of it. Ditto the not asking but I've learned that when someone does ask we are to let them help, no matter how much we think we can do it ourselves. Love you - Dianne

Rachel said...

what an awfully poor variety of adjectives. tsk tsk

Ginger Ogle said...

Dang those old students anyhow. See, my SIL appreciates the emotional, but Rachel...always the critic! (tho' I have to concede that as usual, you're right; I did use "awful" and its friends an awful lot. I shall blame it on all those days I got up promptly at 5 AM to catch the train. I am NOT a morning person.)

'Course, it's worth remembering that I never had pretensions of grandeur; this here blog here is mostly a way to keep in touch, and it works pretty well that way (when I do it). But you may proofread and edit to your heart's content.:-)