September 24, 2007

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

As far as I know, this is not a sweeping tragedy, but: I take back the recommendations I made to several people about our cleaning help.

It's not that she did bad work; she was entirely adequate to our needs. But I haven't seen her in three phone call, no email to let us know she wasn't coming. Of course, I sent a polite email and left a polite message, hoping that she was okay and just wondering if, assuming she was alright, she hadn't had the heart to let us know she was done with us. Response: nothing.

So, it could be that she was hit by a truck (though I haven't seen her name in any accident reports; yes, I looked: I was worried about her!), in which case she's probably not in a condition to help someone else anyway. Or it could be that she just doesn't get how to be responsible to clients, in which case, my advice would be to seek elsewhere. Or maybe we did something soooo horrible to her that she felt the only recourse was to cut us off....but we're having trouble figuring out what that might be.

For now, we've divvied up the chores. We're hoping that with the amount of streamlining and decluttering and containerizing we've accomplished in the last few months, we can manage. If not, the search for good help will continue.

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Tami said...

Oh man...I want cleaning help. I need a wife!