August 14, 2007

Just Another Laundry List

That's what my mother and I called it long ago when we'd write letters to each other; a "laundry list letter" was one in which one of us pretty much said, "and then I did ___, and then I did ___, and then I went over ____ and did ____" etc., etc.

So I'd love to share my impressions and thoughts, but really, I want to sleep. I just can't let any longer go by for my poor, lonely blog.

So: I've been working, a LOT. The summer projects (which were not new; they were unfinished!) have mostly been put on hold. Most of them require the children to be being supervised away from the project site, and it's hard for me to supervise when I'm not here! There is only one small patch of carpet left in the basement, although it's not in my bedroom so I'm not too worried about it. Still on the hope-to-finish list is getting all the adhesive off the basement floor (although it seems that if we wait long enough, we'll just wear it off!)

We just tonight took Emily's crib apart and assembled her new bed, which required moving the nursery's loveseat into our room. Fortunately, the bed fit in the space we had designated for it (though we'll have to move more furniture when we actually get and assemble her headboard. Complicating this is, of course, the fact that most of the nursery furniture is bolted to the walls: Unbolt. Move. Drill holes. Rebolt. Sigh over holes and be glad we're not renting.)

Emily adapted well (she actually fell asleep in fairly good time), and was sooooooo excited to have her new bed. We've been playing up its arrival for weeks...and of course, Matt and I both choked up a little bit to be saying goodbye to the crib (we'll be okay!)

Having looked at the calendar, we were incredibly spontaneous (for us) and took the girls on an overnight at the beach last week.


I know, those who know us are shaking your heads and wondering how this could be. It gets worse: we literally decided around 3 in the afternoon, did a quick search for suitable hotels, and had a room reserved before 4. And then started packing and arranging kitty sitting. We just suddenly realized it was the only chance we'd get before summer was gone.

The "'tel" is a whole story which I may tell at some point. For now, we stayed in Lincoln City, played on the beach at sunset there, went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, played at Beverly Beach, and all slept in the same room. Although I think both the grownups had to take a day off to recover, we all had fun (though not always all at once!)

While there, we got a message that Matt's mom had gone to the hospital with chest pains. She's okay, and back at home, and they only ended up keeping her overnight (so she was out by the time we were done at the beach.)

Complicating my work life has been the alteration in the trains I take; I rode their chartered bus home one night (they had compensatory sandwich dinners for us) and discovered the next day that that had been pretty much the last coach out of Dodge. Because of a mechanical problem in the cars they used, they cancelled almost all the trains (and all the trains I would use) on the route the next morning. For nearly a week. Happily, they're back in business now with a slightly altered schedule, and my abortive attempts to substitute the foul smoke-enshrouded Greyhound are but a memory.

We have tomatoes! And a TON of green ones coming on. And cucumbers raised two blocks over and three up. It's good to finally have a salad all from the yard(s).

I'm right on the edge of abnormally low iron in the blood (one number is at the edge, the other just below it.) I even got my lab results, read up on them, and concurred with the diagnosis: I need more Fe! So I get to take iron pills. So far, so good, and I actually think they're helping: more energy, not so many cravings. Anemia is famous for causing fatigue, and I don't know why I didn't think of it myself (since literally *every* time I've given blood, they've had to hem and haw while they waiting for the "special test" to make sure I had enough iron for them to use me).

We have at least two new babies to see (no, we haven't forgotten you, our dear friends! It's just been a singularly un-summery summer for us.) Jillian and Ryan and their adoring families are on our minds.

Matt's trying chiropracty at last (not practicing it, using it). He hasn't been bent around yet, but will as soon as he can get the next appointment.

Laura's singing lots of songs. And the notes are often correct. She is mercurial as every, although we have heard some apparently genuine, contrite "sorry"s from her when she realizes she's done something wrong.

Emily is 34 inches tall, weighs 25 pounds, and is starting to understand "Pet the kitty GENTLY!" She, like Laura did, has a great big vocabulary and only so-so enunciation (so we can be impressed, but the world will only hear the stray word now and then. Probably just as well, since we're the ones who are supposed to be impressed.)

Oop, time to go move the laundry....(get it?) So I'll end in the traditional laundry list fashion:

More later.

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