July 9, 2007


I woke up this morning to a kitten jumping on my face, claws out. He meant no harm, so after the initial shock (mine, and his at mine), we settled down together and he fell asleep on my shoulder, with his face nestled into the crook of my neck.

This is not my kitten.

I was sleeping on one of Laurie's couches (the one least likely to be dust-mite territory; although she has an awesome HEPA air filter that I'm going to be researching more the next time I'm there; I was very Not Sneezy there, in spite of being on a couch all night). The kitten was adopted--at Jim's request, a first for their household (the animals generally follow Laurie home...but I think he knew quite well what he was doing when he asked to have this one!)--just a week or so ago, and is tiny but very mellow and all Cat. (If you're not an animal person, you may not realize that this can be unusual; my own cats tend to run about 15% Dog, one way or another.) Since Laurie has a lovely dog (who the kitten is warming up nicely to), and another cat (who lives in the out-of-doors, and has his own private quarters at night), and *another* cat, who doesn't like either the outdoor cat OR the new kitten, but tolerates the dog, and misses Jim terribly....she kept the fussy cat and the dog, and I got the kitten for the night.

After lights-out, I explained to the kitten that I was pretty used to sleeping with cats here and there on me or my bedclothes, and I heard him gradually prowling nearer and nearer...first jumping on a chair near me, then onto the couch, then onto my shoulder, and finally kneading and bonking my neck as he worked himself into a kitten coma. He perched here and there all night, and Laurie's first words to me this morning were, "awwwwwwww" (the tiny claw poke holes in my face weren't bleeding by then!) as she saw him curled up on me again.

And it was good.

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Ellen said...

Thinking of you, muchacha! Take care.