July 4, 2007

Eyes, Sale, Carpet

While that title would actually make some great "found poetry", it's really just a summary!

In amongst all the colds of May, apparently I got one that messed with my eyes (I guess that's not unheard-of...). That's another reason you've all been sadly Oglefamily-less; I've been trying to save my eyes for actual business, and reading to small children (the reading was actually easier; for some reason the computer has really been rough.) They are mostly better now, although I notice they get tired quicker than before, especially if I spend too long at the screen.

We did indeed have Da Big Sale last weekend, and made a happy sum (though not an earth-shattering amount, we made our ad money back times many). Also, I am looking forward to a hefty tax deduction sometime next spring, since we (when I say we, I mean "Matt") carted off almost everything that didn't sell to Goodwill. (Which took three trips in our neighbor's SUV. This is our penalty for moving into a house with more than 3000 square feet of space....and having two children. Although in all honesty, most of *their* [former] stuff sold.) We saved a few items to sell on craigslist, because we are masochists.

I think Matt and I actually both enjoyed the selling part of the sale (and I, for one, actually enjoy haggling. Except for the people who think they have to insult you to make the sale; not an appropriate strategy, IMHO). Although I claim to be an introvert--and I am, actually!--I really, really, really like people. (Which is why I was quite content to work as the docent, alone, at the Ad Museum. I got to spend time introverting, and then whenever paying customers showed up, I could enjoy the people.) So we quibbled over who got to be outside haggling, and who had to stay in when the children tired of hanging out, had to be fed, or needed to be put to sleep. On the other hand, gathering up all the dusty stuff last week and pricing it made me come pretty close to reaching for the Epi-Pen; I took Benadryl often instead, and made it through okay (but I don't remember much!)

In further avoidance of similar incidents, Matt has spent a lot of time the last two days ripping out the carpet in the basement, at last. The ripping part goes quickly, he reports; it's tearing out the tack strip along the edges (and digging out all its rusty and sharp little tacks) that takes a long time. There's still a bit left, in my closet, because his knees finally rebelled at the abuse, but he assures me that that, too, will be gone soon (the carpet, not the...well, I suppose the abuse will be gone, as well!) Let me say here that even though we have only vacuumed the concrete, not scrubbed it thoroughly, and it is still kinda gritty from the accumulated crud of decades, I notice the positive difference. Of course, it *looks* terrible: about like you'd expect concrete that has been carpeted and then de-carpeted to look. That is, discolored, with swirly whirly blots of adhesive, with the occasional jaunty sploop of still-adhering purple carpet pad bit. I'm sure it'll get slightly better when we clean, and hopefully a LOT better when we throw some throw rugs on it. Matt noticed immediately that now it *feels* like we're sleeping in a basement, where before, you could sort of squint your eyes and think it was just "downstairs". Hence the upcoming rugs (which we can throw in the washer--die, bugs, die!) We have spoken of tiling it at some point, though Not This Summer.

This summer is The Summer of Unfinished Projects! (And Speech Camp.)

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Rachel said...

I can't visit you if you continue on your path of illness. Of course, I too should stop my own path of illness. We should BOTH just stop being sick. and then visit. :p