June 19, 2007

Breaking at Nats

Or, in the common tongue, proceeding to semifinals at the National Tournament: that's what Keisha (the previously un-named, but now both over 18 and graduated student) found out today.

We are pleased!

Semifinals in Student Congress (her event) start tomorrow. Woohoooooooooo!!!

June 4, 2007

Quick Telegraphic Message

or, why having a counter is both a blessing and a curse: I can see you out there, checking. Clicking. Hopefully. *When* is she going to post? Whenwhenwhen? Sorry; it's been busy.

Quickly, then, as I must sleep:

Children: 50% still snotboogery, same one with spots (we think they're hives, but can't figure out from what...); neither with fevers (were quite high when had them last week/end: 102+, but never up to the DANGER WILL ROGERS! mark of 104). All three of we girls have had two viruses in a row (I'm pretty sure # 2 was not a secondary infection, but it's own distinct--*nasty*-- "thing.") Ugh.

Monstrous Wading Pool: must get pics next time we play. Awesome to use, a bear to drain; but necessary to prevent massive Mosquito Breeding Ground. Girls want to play in whenever outside, now.

Cleaning: finally hired help to do dusting and vacuuming. Sorry we waited so long (tho' it's easier when one has a medical excuse!). Nice woman, nice job, and in spite of colds, has given me energy to tidy up. And motivation, since it takes her less time to clean the tidier it is!

Garden: Tomatoes in the ground. Beans popping up. Greens out our ears (must plant next batch very soon.). Still huge patch yet to turn under, hopefully before grass goes to seed. Roses going bananas (in an amazing twist of genetics...), in spite of various diseases. Ground cherries still getting big enough to go out; under light.

Matt: singing songs about "two weeks to go," then remembers I'll be all by lonesome during Nationals, and changes song to say "Three weeks to go." Good man. Grading papers basically all the time he can. Weekend schedule (every weekend): "Grading."

Laura: noticing that the sun has been out quite a bit. Puts two and two together. Says, "I want to go to the BEACH!" Trying to give up naps, but pays dire consequences for same after dinner. Can see distant light at end of tunnel for Potty Training; not there yet, but at least, at last, progress.

Emily: Starting to recite books along with Laura. Does not get all crazy on Benadryl (for the hives, remember?); instead, conks out quite nicely. Whew. (In case you're wondering, the suggested dose for her is about 1/8 the adult dose of Children's liquid. But see yer own doc. And I generally give her less...) Becoming Toddler Terror of Almost Twoness; we beginning to give her (unsympathetic) tips on tantrum-ing: "Can you lie on the floor and bang your hands on it?" "How about stomping your feet? Come on, harder!"

Ginger: just hoping to be well soon, but pleased at how much I'm managing to do even with one hand tied behind my back. Oh, and our friend Jim is still in the hospital (he's had some ups and downs; they're fairly sure the whole thing was caused by a drug interaction.), but currently scheduled--crossed fingers and toes--to go home in just a few days.

Bruce: got to see him (that was a story in itself!), and Eileen, and CM. Good time, too short, but glad to still be on the short list. Children behaved, mostly; Bruce and Eileen behaved, mostly. CM ran marathon earlier in day (!) ; too tired to misbehave...mostly.

Dudley: a bit dehydrated when he saw the doc last week, but we figured was from a hairball (doc concurred). Getting better at giving him fluids without numerous puncture wounds. Because dehydrated, doc checked liver numbers: fine. BUN is also in normal range (hurray, as that is what can cause discomfort from his condition), and creatinine is also down tho' still not normal; that's the one that's a more accurate representation of actual kidney function. Basically, all the stuff we're doing is really really helping!

Fiona: helping Dudley finish (she lets him go first, in a rare case of politeness!) the yummy wet food the vet sent home. Enjoying the open door and seeing Life, even through the screen.

That'll have to keep you for now. Thanks for checking on us! :-) Maybe next time missing subjects, verbs, and objects will be back. Just have to see...