May 6, 2007

Speech: Fifth in State!

It's actually "old news", now, being two weeks old, but I figured I'd better note it here for those who don't already know from MySpace, etc. (or because they were there :-) ).

Yep, the team got fifth in its division (and no, there were not only five teams!) This was nice for a number of reasons. In no particular order:
~pretty much everybody who helped get that sweepstakes award, worked for it. I'm always pleased when hard work is acknowledged.
~it was Matt's first state sweeps award. (Not mine; Gresham got at least one? two? I can't remember if it was more, while I was there, and of course I have my prints on the one that is *still* in Matt's trophy case from 1989, when my beloved alma mater's team got, I think, second.)
~it is some external validation that having me help coach the team is, at the least, not detrimental. There were some entirely valid concerns (both ours and admin.'s) about how it all would work with two spouses together (we weren't worried about that, as we happen to love it) and with their small children part of the mix (that, we were worried about.) In the end, it seems to have gone pretty well.
~a significant number of the speechies who contributed to the award were juniors and sophomores. That means they'll be back next year. Woohoo!
~it's a testament to the impact speech has on those who participate, because another major contributing factor was the returning speechies who also helped coach in the weeks leading up to state. Kyle and Chris were both awesome to volunteer their time and expertise.

In other speech news, we are pretty excited because it looks like Matt will have *two* competitive speech classes next semester (probably diminishing to one for Spring Semester 2008). This will both lower the out-of-class English paper load that keeps him from playing with the girls as much as he'd like, and will give us a Rather Large team. (Though surely they will not all stick around when they find out what they're in for, 35+35=70. That's a lot of speechies, and a lot of speeches.) Partly because of that, and partly because--apparently!--we just can't go that long without our speech fix, we're planning to have a "speech camp" this summer. The goals are to help indoctrinate (oops. I probably shouldn't say that. Hmmm. Inform? Acclimatize? Assimilate!) the newbies (or "novii", as we call them--some sort of un-parented perversion of the Latin plural of "novice"); and, to give the returning kids a chance to focus on their speeches without being completely surrounded by all the novii and/or buried in homework.

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