May 18, 2007

Social May Butterflies

Weekend before last, we went to the Salem Saturday Market's 10th Anniversary opening. Matt and I enjoyed seeing what sorts of wares there were (and quickly snagged some crochet-hanger dishtowels, as ours have long since become almost worthlessly thin). The girls enjoyed free balloons, seeing Mama get her face painted with a ladybug (Laura declined the free offer, but was fine seeing me do it! Why a ladybug? Because I'm a gardener, and they are right up there with worms as Gardener's Best Friends, of course.), and--skeptically--watching the resident clown make them some balloon animals. It was a good time. Laura declared that she "liked Saturday Market, but Mama, I did NOT LIKE THE PEOPLE." Yeah, yeah, I know; you would have had to spend at least ten minutes one-on-one with each of them, and then you would have liked them, too. We plan to go back again sometime, whether she likes the people or not.

That night, since I had baked a ham, we randomly decided to see if the Pickerels were free to share it. And lo! they randomly were. As always, it was good to catch up a little bit with them, though it was a brief dinner since they had to get to church early, and so did we.

Church was a good lesson in how I always end up worrying about the wrong things. The Bishop was visiting on his annual circuit through the churches, and I was to teach Sunday school. So I had my lesson obsessively all ready (which took some time, since it was all about the order of service and had a lot of moving pieces to go with it), but the "door person" assigned for that day couldn't be there. As a result, the person who stepped up to be the helper was none other than the Director of Education for the whole diocese (who also happens to be in charge of our ed. stuff; she lives here and commutes). I had already chicken-heartedly offered to trade spots with her, but she declined.

So we get all assembled, children present, and the Bishop decides to check in with us before the service, just to say hi. He then announces that he'd like the kids to be in the sanctuary for the sermon, which is about 45 minutes earlier than they'd usually go. Thinking swiftly, I figure that gives us time *either* to really rush through the lesson, or to just have "work time" with a hasty wrap-up at the end. Door person and I conferred, and put it to a vote with the kids; they of course voted for "work time" and my lovingly prepped lesson did not have to be performed. What really ended up stretching my creativity was helping the ADHD child sit next to me--quietly!--through the sermon. But I managed that, too (never underestimate the benefits of being double-jointed, and goofy!). So next time I'm worried at all about teaching on Sunday, clearly, I should devise a way instead of sneaking playing cards into church.

Wednesday we spent some time in the morning with three of the four point eight Davisons. We went on a walk to see if the diggers were doing anything exciting; they were loud, but not moving much. Still, it was good to get outside, and we came back to play in the back yard some. Our slide has gotten a lot of use! It's fun for me to see Jonah and Laura playing more together as they get older (Elisha and Emily are pretty much still at the age of, "you play with that, and I'll play with this, and if we're lucky we can trade politely after a while.")

This last weekend we finally got to connect with the Borahs--it had been too long. As a bonus, they brought dinner (that has to be one of my favorite kind of guests--not that I mind cooking for the rest of you, of course, but the only way to have an even less-stressed host would be if you also showed up early to clean the house for us! ;-) ). We ate and made merry and managed to get in a few good conversations around the six little girls. Laura was fascinated to have Stephanie read to her a bit. I am certain this will only further cement the awe with which she regards that particular Borah (I think she wants glasses, now, too....which is probably just as well, considering the genetic heritage she's got.)

We spent Mother's Day at home, nursing our collective cold. There was, however, a temporary restraining order placed on Matt's food restrictions for the day, and the fettucine Alfredo I made was definitely...adequate.

And that brings us up to this week, which has mostly been spent sequestered from the world, trying to get better. We've had at least two other pieces of good news, but I should wait until they are more official and/or widely known before I mention them here.



Rachel said...

oooooooh secrets!! i love secrets.
i have a secret, too! bwahahaha!

gibby said...

Ok, come on now, just spill the beans. Are you and Matt moving to Timbucktu or something like that. The suspense is killing me! LOL.