May 6, 2007

Pincushion Kitty

Dudley's doing much better. The vet reports that his key number (it's BUN, and you medical types probably have some idea what that measures; not me.) is only 4 above normal, where before it was 16 above normal. I could game the numbers and give you the amazing percentage of improvement, but basically, he feels good enough to bonk a lot at family and to sass at the vet. (We are all in agreement that it's a sad Dudley indeed who cannot live up to the large red "DANGER!!!" printed on his medical file.)

This is a good thing, not least because there are several good reasons why I did not go into medicine. Many of them have shown themselves on Dudley's hide; while I'm pretty good at sewing, I would not call myself good with the other sort of needle! I hit veins; I accidentally have the needle poke back out of the skin at a different spot; I'm not always good at getting the fluid temperature comfortably right. Incredibly, he puts up with it all from me (mostly), and the vast majority of his prescribed fluid goes in (although, now that he's feeling better, he is not as inclined to stick around for the full dose. I occasionally have to use Persuasion.) Of course, that might also have to do with the treat that he always (and only) gets after the ordeal. Another good thing is that I only have to do it every three days, now, instead of every other. And finally, I am somewhat proud of myself in that I haven't had Matt (or anyone else) help me since that first time; it's Me, Myself, and I, all working him over.

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