May 23, 2007

The Good News...and not so good

First, Matt was elected Northern Oregon NFL Chair. This is good for a number of reasons; the most important one, however, is that it means he'll be the one in charge of organizing the 2008 National Qualifier tournament. The person who usually does it (our amazing friend Jane) will be out of the country next year at that time, and it was agreed by many that the job needed to be done by someone with experience, excruciatingly good organizing skills, and an obsessive desire to follow the rules. Those are always good things in a tournament director, but for NFL tournaments, they're absolutely required: the NFL is even more obsessive than Matt, and they demand that their tournaments be run "just so" (and the results submitted even more "just so-ly"). So, while it will certainly be a stressful task, we're glad he's been tapped to do it.

Second, Matt's district reached a tentative agreement in ONE short bargaining sesssion last week (the teachers know about it, so now I can tell the world.) It seems like a really good deal to me: a 4% raise this year, and a 3% raise next year, plus some other things (but the money is, of course, usually the biggest deal to make). The best part, though, is that it sounds like there were really no big contentious arguments; considering some, ah, other nearby districts, both the contract and the process seem pretty amazing. (On the other hand, I'm trying hard not to run in all directions, spending my $8 extra a month all at once. ;-) )

The not so good news is that our friend Jim has been in the hospital since last Friday night, and they're having a heck of a time figuring out what's the matter. One doctor thought it was liver failure, but then they changed a drug and he started perking up more today. Ironically, he's been responding really well recently to chemotherapy, had tumors shrinking away quicker than the docs expected, even regaining strength. It has been a trying time for his loved ones, and those of us not close enough (or well enough; the cold's slimy fingers linger here....) to visit wait anxiously for updates. Kudos to these folks for providing ill people and all their family and friends an easy place and way to communicate. I know most reading this don't know Jim...but this really bums me out.

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