March 9, 2007


Finally called the plumber this week, and they were able to finally get here today. So now the hot water isn't dripping (or, as it started last night, drizzling!) uselessly down the bathtub drain. Had him fix up the sink in there since it was trending the same way; while I know exactly what the problem was (the washer inside the faucet handle itself was dying, or in the case of the tub, dead), my plumbing expertise with washers pretty much stops after unscrewing the little aerator cap. (and if you're wondering why Matt didn't fix it, it's because he has many wonderful of which is knowing to call a plumber for anything beyond a toilet float!)

Since I had been denying myself the luxury of a tub--not wanting to encourage the drip to get any worse, as it did each time the handle was turned on and off, and knowing the little girls weren't about to take a shower so it would inevitably get some worse that way already--tonight was the night.

Aaaah. That's better.

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