March 8, 2007

Ogle Quirks

The Quit-It Kitty
We realized what a naughty (or just needy?) cat Fiona was a week or so ago. Emily has learned her name, so whenever she sees that particular ball of fur, she points and says, "QuidditKitty!" Apparently, like Larson's "No, no, Bad Dog!", that one is sticking. The girls even hit it in unison now and then.

The whole potty training thing is progressing. Both girls like for someone to hang out with them while they're in there, but Emily's not too picky. So a common picture is Em at night, nekkid since she had to shed her footy pajamas, perched on the pot, listening raptly to Laura. Laura has a book open; sometimes she's repeating it verbatim, and sometimes she's combining other stories or making things up as inspiration strikes.

Medication Trick
Emily will take medicine happily...but only if you let her hold the bottle it came in. (Or one about the same size.)

When Laura sheds her socks, she immediately claims them as mittens for her hands. We have to be quick if they're dirty!

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