March 8, 2007

Just Write It!

I realize I've been putting off writing, not so much out of writer's block as out of a crisis of confidence (not to mention an unusually frantic time). I think I stopped for a while, and then started worrying about what was "appropriate" to include: should it be a diary, a platform, a thought-provoking polemic? Then I realized that nobody's ever complained, and you all keep checking regardless of what I write!

So I'll try to get back up in the saddle, and the words will just do what they do.

1 comment:

Tami said...

Or you could be like me, and just take pictures for awhile, until you feel like sharing again.

Things are so often heavy HEAVY with Wrenna, it makes the whole scene just difficult to blog about. I don't want to neglect her in my blog, and I don't want to constantly complain about the sheer crushing weight of Raising Wrenna. So I snap pictures instead. Who, me, denial?

Also, I think dirty socks on hands are A-okay. I mean, that's why we have soap and water, right? Of course, this is the mother that allows her 5 yo son to wear nothing but pajamas for a week straight...occasionally the same set. Ew! Okay, kidding on that last part. Maybe only a couple of days.