March 26, 2007

Spring Break...and, GO!

At last, Spring Break has arrived. As usual, Matt went to the NFL National Qualifier tournament Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (no one qualified this year, though as far as we know everyone tried their best; and that is what we always hope for.) Sunday we spent a little time snuggling with the girls and regrouping slightly, then went off to see Joe and Carol's new house and welcome Susan home for a visit.

As an aside, we are grateful that the Kanns have decided to move at least 10, maybe 15 minutes closer. (I'm sure that was a big selling point for the house! ;-) ) Also, it has much more room, which will be handy for their growing family (and guests!) Of especial little-girl interest was the playroom, complete with a tea-party table and a tea party set, as well as a handy swing and high chair to keep the dollies occupied while the Mommies have tea. And that was just the indoors....Needless to say, all the Ogles had a wonderful time.

We stayed too late, playing and talking, but are rallying a bit now after being up later than usual.

I just finished dumping my usual birthday present from my mother into the tall garden (nine buckets of beautifully finished compost, already sifted and fluffy), and tucked the rest of it (four bags of worm castings) into the used-to-be-doghouse (because we don't *have* a dog; it came with the house). That means that area is topped off enough that I can plant salad greens sometime this week, in between showers. And *that* means there'll be salad in about four weeks, tops, from all the thinnings. ('scuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin; it's been a long winter!)

Big plans (famously best-laid, of course...) for the week include catching up on the everyday stuff we've been putting off in favor of other things lately; doing some spring cleaning here and there; Matt grading some papers so he's not too far behind; the aforementioned planting and much, much more yard work; seeing if we can connect with Ross and Tamara and Tamara's daughter and granddaughter, here for a visit (Laura, upon meeting the two-month-old: "I like this baby!"); much death and destruction wreaked on fictional victims inside Matt's computer; and perhaps a mystery or three for me.


March 14, 2007

Easy as Pi

Today is not only the internationally acclaimed "Pi Day" (in celebration of 3.14etc.), it is also National Potato Chip Day, and, Learn About Butterflies Day.

Who knew?

In addition, today marks the birthdays of such illustrious people as Albert Einstein; Casey Jones (yes, that one); Johann Strauss, Sr; Michael Caine; Quincy Jones; and Billy Crystal. Wouldn't *that* make a great dinner party guest list?

March 11, 2007

Ask And Ye Shall Receive... fencing!

Turns out a lady who lives only a few blocks from us is a Freecycler, saw my request, had some, and (once she found out how close we were), even dropped it off for us while we were at church (and then apparently found a little more in her garage later and dropped that by, too.)


March 9, 2007

Freecycling, freeloading...

My birthday's next week, and it's a budgetary impossibility for me to have everything on my list (probably just as well; that sort of thing keeps one humble, etc.) On the other hand, if I can find some of the things for free and/or cheap, well...I can get more of them. And they're useful things, after all, not covetous ones.

So I posted the two "wants" on freecycle, found that craigslist is finally local (hallelujah and it's high time!), then smacked my forehead and asked myself why I didn't ask you, the loyal readership (all five of you ;-) ) if anyone has one of these or knows of one being available.

The two things are:

1. A serger. Here's what a serger looks like (N.B.: they're not all as expensive as this one; it's just the first one that came up in a Google search. They also have anywhere from three to five of those cones sticking up in the back. I'm not picky about how many it has, because it won't make a difference for what I need it to do.) In case you have no idea what one does, look at a piece of your clothing (especially a t-shirt or sweats). The straight stitching is probably done with a sewing machine; all that loopy stuff on the seams is done with a serger (and that's what I want it for; it makes finishing seams waaaaaaaay faster.)

2. Garden fence. I love having y'all over, and I have these little busy girls, and I'm trying to keep everyone OUT of the garden. Especially the veggie garden. Squashed tomatoes aren't much fun. So I'm looking for some of that white wire fence that's about a foot and a half high, or plastic that's roughly the same size (I don't care if it matches what I've got). I only need about 10 feet to protect the garden proper, though I could of course use more to protect the less mission-critical flower beds.

So, there's my freeloading for the day. Thanks for any help!


Finally called the plumber this week, and they were able to finally get here today. So now the hot water isn't dripping (or, as it started last night, drizzling!) uselessly down the bathtub drain. Had him fix up the sink in there since it was trending the same way; while I know exactly what the problem was (the washer inside the faucet handle itself was dying, or in the case of the tub, dead), my plumbing expertise with washers pretty much stops after unscrewing the little aerator cap. (and if you're wondering why Matt didn't fix it, it's because he has many wonderful of which is knowing to call a plumber for anything beyond a toilet float!)

Since I had been denying myself the luxury of a tub--not wanting to encourage the drip to get any worse, as it did each time the handle was turned on and off, and knowing the little girls weren't about to take a shower so it would inevitably get some worse that way already--tonight was the night.

Aaaah. That's better.

March 8, 2007

Embarrassing Ty

Jonah came to visit yesterday, and brought Ty and Elisha with him (that's Laura's perspective :-) ). Everyone had a good time, in the sense that there were no permanent injuries. (No, really, I thought they all did really well together).

But in talking with my fellow (and predecessor, by years!) in blogging, we decided he might need a nudge. So, here it is:

Ty has some good stuff to write about. We're all out here, twiddling our thumbs, clicking our mice, just waiting.....

Ogle Quirks

The Quit-It Kitty
We realized what a naughty (or just needy?) cat Fiona was a week or so ago. Emily has learned her name, so whenever she sees that particular ball of fur, she points and says, "QuidditKitty!" Apparently, like Larson's "No, no, Bad Dog!", that one is sticking. The girls even hit it in unison now and then.

The whole potty training thing is progressing. Both girls like for someone to hang out with them while they're in there, but Emily's not too picky. So a common picture is Em at night, nekkid since she had to shed her footy pajamas, perched on the pot, listening raptly to Laura. Laura has a book open; sometimes she's repeating it verbatim, and sometimes she's combining other stories or making things up as inspiration strikes.

Medication Trick
Emily will take medicine happily...but only if you let her hold the bottle it came in. (Or one about the same size.)

When Laura sheds her socks, she immediately claims them as mittens for her hands. We have to be quick if they're dirty!

Just Write It!

I realize I've been putting off writing, not so much out of writer's block as out of a crisis of confidence (not to mention an unusually frantic time). I think I stopped for a while, and then started worrying about what was "appropriate" to include: should it be a diary, a platform, a thought-provoking polemic? Then I realized that nobody's ever complained, and you all keep checking regardless of what I write!

So I'll try to get back up in the saddle, and the words will just do what they do.