February 11, 2007

Where Have All the Ogles Gone?

It's a normal question to ask, particularly given the time of year. Sometimes, statistics tell the story:

Number of tournament weekends in a row so far: five.
Number of those tournaments that we hosted: one.
Number of "headquarters" staff we had to help at that tournament, which was yesterday, not counting us: two.
Number, at minimum, we usually have/need: four.
Number of babysitters we had for the girls at the tournament: zero.
Number of hours the girls behaved reasonably well (reasonably enough that I was able to help in headquarters most of the time, anyway) : 12.
Number of Ogles who are officially sick today (not just worn out from yesterday's adventure): 3
Number of food moths we found today in the food cupboard: 30? I didn't count them all...
Number of friends we are grateful to for not dumping us in spite of our annual disappearing act: all of them!

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