February 27, 2007

We Finish the Marathon...

Whew! We've finally come through the craziest part of our crazy speech season (made worse this year by various quirks in the calendar). The last vestiges of a very nasty cold are tangible only in Emily, who still has a smoker's cough and the occasional "snotbooger." And outside, the daffodils are valiantly trying to bloom in between showers.

In other news, Emily is all agog to potty-train herself, and sibling rivalry seems to be working for Laura, too, where all other devices failed. Now if I can just be consistent, we'll be in business (or, to be accurate, out of "business"!)

Emily is talking quite a bit, now. Her favorite sentences are mostly imperative and end in "it": Hol-dit. Read-it. Ut-oh! Drop-dit! We are amused by such (Warning: may induce nausea in the childless and/or non-parents of our children) words as "VVVVV", which is her name for her elephant, "COW", which is actually a little stuffed giraffe head-only toy (we gave up on saying "giraffe", even though it's a word she knows. It's just "COW." We have learned to cope.). And we are always conned by her carefully enunciated, "Apple-shoss!"

Along those lines, while I'm trying hard not to make assumptions that will force her into a mental box, I am often startled by recognizing my own personality in Emily. (My mother asked me the other day if she--Emily--reminded me of my mother's mother at all. I confessed that mostly, she reminds me of me. I said, "Do *I* remind you of Grandma?" and my mother had to admit that, yup, I did. The wonders of heredity....) Anyway, about that conning...I realize that not only am I completely number one, but I have the unenviable status of being the one Emily "dumps on." I know, I know, that's supposed to mean she trusts me, but in practice it means both a) I'm the only one who puts her to sleep, and b) she flails whenever I try. And then says cute things and giggles. I am such a sucker for stuff like that....Of course, it serves me right for using my big blue eyes on people through the years.

Laura is, at turns, amazingly aggravating and breath-takingly grown up, which is, I suspect, pretty much what happens between now and college. She has become quite the Mini-Mom, sounding the alarm when Em is chewing on something forbidden, and going further by finding a "little plastic person" for her, which is okay for teething upon. She is all agog because I've put the alphabet up in my office, and she's trying to teach Emily the letters. Although she still can suffer a complete "melt-down", especially when she's tired, I notice that at least some of the time her actions seem to be based on "What's the right thing to do?" instead of, "What's my little id want RIGHT NOW?"

So, here we are, panting a little bit, but with our free bottled water in our paws, eager to see folks (preferably, not all at once!). Of course, we have one more tournament in March, and three more (all in a row, of course) in April...but the worst is over.

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