January 29, 2007


Poor Parenting Word Choice, #2

(The first was that puppy/chicken thing. We do not eat puppy in this house. Chicken, we do. Let's not confuse the children about which is which.)

One of the books we have checked out has one of the characters playing soccer with a friend.

Like most small people, Laura generally considers her stuffed friends to be pretty much as real as anyone else.

Never having played the game of soccer, Laura figured it involved grabbing two large stuffed animals, positioning them on either side of Emily, and using the animals to pummel the toddler. (While yelling, "Soccer!") (For the record, most of the time the toddler did not mind; she has been known to say "soccer?" encouragingly to her sister since then. They were pretty soft stuffed animals, and so far, Laura hits like a...well...a girl.)

Matt says, "NO! Laura, that's not how you play soccer. You don't use Pooh Bear to hit people; you put him down on the ground and you kick him!"

Thanks, Matt.

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Tami said...

Aaahahahaaa. *chuckle*