January 24, 2007

January 2007 Progress Report

My time and energy to write lately has been sapped clean out of me. A week and a half ago, I had a nasty brush with a rotavirus? norovirus? anyway, what we euphemistically call "the stomach flu." I don't usually get them, or if I do, it's a mild case, so I am hereby warning the world: it's BAD. On the up side, the miserable effects only lasted about twelve hours, and within 48 hours I was back to normal (well, as normal as I ever am....). I just felt like I had done several too many sit-ups.

I recovered just in time to catch the nasty cold that's been wending its way around our family (nuclear and extended; some say my uncle brought it with him from New York in December.) That one struck while I was about to take the Speech Team to a tournament last Saturday (which I subsequently did.) So I did that thing--am I the only one who does this?--where you persuade your body that it can't be sick now, you promise it can be sick, oh, tomorrow, and got through the tournament okay. The only problem with this procedure is that my body always calls in my debts, with interest. Which is why I'm only just now cheerful enough to start updating things here. Still stuffed up, but I have energy today at last.

(In case you're wondering, I do take my vitamins and I'm sure we eat better than at least 87% of the population [I take up some percentage points for actual full-time vegetarians]. I haven't had a nasty double-whammy illness like this in quite some time! Here's hoping never again....)

Anyway, I realize that I haven't even documented the girls' progress lately. Emily comes up with complete sentences now and then, like: "Mama sit!" and "Hi, Mama!" She knows some food words: "Cheese!" "Cracker!" Everything else that's food is "Apple!" (and yes, she speaks in Exclamation! Points!) She climbs stairs pretty well, given the chance (always followed by an overly-cautious parent, of course). She has started mimicking Laura by grabbing a book, pointing at things, and babbling in an "I'm reading to you" sing-song speech pattern.

Laura, for her part, has been trying to teach Emily words (today at snack time: E-"Apple!" L-"No, Emily, they're *peaches.* Can you say *peaches*?" E-"Yah! Apple!") I wish her luck. I checked out the "Busytown" software for her from the library, and she's been enjoying it (although true to her basic personality, she likes the things she found first, best.) I take comfort in the fact that she is perfectly capable of stopping in the middle of the program, picking up a book, and looking at it for a while. This gives me hope that, no matter how fascinating the video experience might be, she's still a confirmed book addict.

Their relationship continues to blossom; Laura can make Emily laugh with (really) the stupidest things, like doing the sign for A, saying "This is A", then doing the sign for S and saying "and THIS is A!" Emily thinks that's a riot. (???) They fight over toys quite a bit, but we continue trying to sow the seeds of diplomacy and conflict resolution ("Try trading." "Try asking first." "Did she have it first? Okay, give it back *now.*).

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