December 2, 2006

Why I Let Matt Do the Shopping...

Yesterday I had a quick eye appointment after school, so Matt hurried home to watch the (one still sleeping) girls, and I promised to go to a store on my way home; we have about three that we visit for various staples, and it's been kind of a crazy week so no one has gone yet.

All goes well until I leave the eye doctor's. Traffic is horrific as I get closer to the store. As I'm coming closer to the massive intersection that encompasses the highway cloverleaf--and the highway is six lanes plus a median there--I note that traffic is completely stopped across the intersection. My light is green, but following the law (and really, not wanting to be stuck in a no-man's-land that is crossed by traffic coming from lots of different directions), I stop. Guy behind me in a big pickup honks. I point forward--carefully using my index finger--in a very exaggerated "LOOK!" gesture. He shuts up. (You know, I would have hoped that, being in a pickup high above me--I in my simple sedan--he could have seen the blockage just as well as I did. But sometimes life isn't like that...) I finally see a small break in the traffic--it looks like cars have moved around enough to make space for me by the time I get there. Just as I take my foot off the brake, the light turns yellow (I swear!). I go anyway. Mr. Truck does not. Sorry, Mr. Truck. It wasn't on purpose...

So I get to the store, and I stop at the pharmacy first. They have a record of me phoning in my refill, but they can't find it anywhere. "Are you sure no one's picked it up?" Yes, I am sure, since, first, only me or Matt would have done so; second, Matt hasn't been there all week; and third, I don't think there's much of a "secondary market" for this particular drug. They finally decide that they can double check their big book of whatever to make sure that no one, in fact, has picked it up, and then "recreate" it if they realize I'm not lying. (Question: Where did the filled prescription go? Did they give it to someone else?? Did our insurance company get billed for a phantom? Is this why health care costs are skyrocketing??) Can I give them 20 minutes or so? Fortunately I have other things to pick up, so yes, I can.

Off I go to shop. One of the items I pick up are two new laundry baskets.

After I've been checked out, I realize that one of them has its handle popped off; I pop it back on, it seems sturdy, no problem. Uh-oh...the other laundry basket is actually missing a handle. Back to the check out I it lying there? No. A nice checker says, "Oh, I'll just have them bring up another one."

"There's only one left on the shelf, but maybe there are more on the shelves above..."

She makes the call, moments later an employee shows up, basket in hand. We three look at it.

It's missing a handle, too.

Now what?

The employee starts mumbling about well, we could 10% it...When I say, "You know, those handles pop right off...maybe we can swap them out."

So, the employee comes up with a handy utility knife--hands it to the checker--who pops off a handle, figures out how to reattach it, and I am free to carry away my prize.

I go to the pharmacy, and they still have no answer to the mystery, but have my prescription. I make it home with no further incidents.

Now, none of this is really that big a deal. But Matt never comes home with this many stories just from one trip. I even asked him last night, and he said no, that kind of thing doesn't happen to him.

So you can see why I prefer shopping with a mouse and keyboard and a smile for the people from UPS and FedEx.

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