December 21, 2006

A Quick Pre-Holiday Update

I know, you've been diligently checking. And what do you find? Nada, zippo, zilch, after an action-packed November. So I thought I'd better let you know what we've been up to; it's vacation time, but hardly restful (so far)... Probably no time to go into the details, but I can give you a laundry list. We've:

~done the annual holiday speech party. Laura was taught to say: "Older kids are awesome!"
~found Christmas tree, lighted and decorated same.
~wrapped presents.
~Christmas shopped (not me, I was pretty well done, but Matt did some for the team).
~wrapped presents.
~repaired an easel (more on that another time, in an entry tentatively titled, "A Tale of Two Easels". Howzat for a teaser? ;-)
~manufactured a few toys to replace the lame ones that came with some purchased presents (more on that some day, too...or those with the means can just come and see 'em.)
~wrapped presents.
~let Mama have a blissful 20 hours away, off, with no responsibilities. I took two baths (one jacuzzi), one shower; watched television (must record my impressions of commercials, from one who not only used to work at the Ad Museum but hasn't watched that much TV in literally years); ate like a pig (no one to interrupt me!); slept without waking up in the middle of the night (I did wake up at the usual time in the morning...and then went back to sleep for an hour!).
~wrapped presents.
~took my mother a donated computer, set it up, tested printer and scanner, tried to get my dead modems to work (failed, likely because...they're dead!), walked her through several things she could do, then ran.
~Freecycled an interesting array of junk: a toddler ride-on toy with a crack in it somewhere, a broken glider rocker, a sewing machine that doesn't work [the replacement is definitely the subject of a review, if I ever get around to it--it's a lovely beast!], and a few other things. Amazing what people will take away for you!
~wrapped presents.
~spent a fair amount of time I probably would otherwise have spent here, typing in somewhat entertaining updates for my friend Jim's CarePage. (Jim is half of Jim & Laurie; Laurie was one of my bridesmaids. They are sweet, gentle, wonderful people.) Jim and Laurie are usually to be found in Oregon City, but they are currently--and will be, unexpectedly, through next week--in Philadelphia for medical treatment for Jim. One's Jewish and the other's Zen, but still, not the best way to spend this time of year! Yet another reason to be grateful for my life as it is being lived.

Sigh. And of course, did all the usual things that make our crazy household go. Hey, there's more than a week left! Hopefully things will calm down long enough on another day for me to fill in some details.

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