December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve and His Behind

We did church this morning; the Vic always has the kids help with her "sermon" at Christmas, where she really just tells the whole stable story (complete with toy animals, etc.) Laura got to place the little Baby Jesus in the manger, and Matt heaved a sigh of relief because she did NOT say, "BABY JESUS BUTT!" like we do at home (this is the fault of the creche manufacturer; our particular Baby Jesus is not attached to his cradle, and his "swaddling" doesn' enough. So we often pick Him up and wave His arse at visitors who might find it amusing, saying, "Baby Jesus Butt!" Does anyone else do this? Or is it pretty much just another weird Ogle thing?)

The girls are napping (yay!), and when they awake/are woken up, we're off to their Aunt Dianne's for food and presents and the White Elephant exchange for the grown-ups. (Matt wrote "White Elephant from Unknown Giver" in LATIN on his. Clearly, I have married my own kind...)

Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas time! (and hoping, as always, for peace to begin with me. :-) )

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