December 7, 2006

Blood Pressure Up, Pulse Down

Pat's in the hospital again.

Apparently she went in during the day yesterday, but communications systems failed us and we didn't find out until just before bedtime. Her blood pressure was high--200+--and her pulse was somewhat low. (Being one person removed from the information flow, I'm not sure if that means her heart rate was slow, or if they were talking about "pulse pressure," the difference between the high and low numbers in one's blood pressure. I think "low" in that case would indicate that the two numbers are not all that far apart, meaning that her heart is just plain pumping too hard, rather than that she's suddenly got narrowed arteries...)

She responded well to the medication they gave her, and did well through the night. As usual, no idea on how long they need to keep her, what the next step is, or a prognosis.

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