November 21, 2006

TtBTF, #8

Things to Be Thankful For, #8: Heat, Power, Shelter

Now, this is not meant as a ploy to get you to donate to your favorite charity, but as we're approaching Thanksgiving (a.k.a. "Turkey Day"--bleh! What a symptom of employing the least common denominator as a moniker. Let's just go ahead and call Christmas "Present Day," shall we?), it's worth remembering how very much in the purely physical realm we all have to be thankful for. I suppose there's a tiny chance that someone reading this won't have everything on my list, but it's remote. Most of us have:

~electric power. Of some kind or other, or you probably aren't reading this.

~tools and toys to plug into the power. Like, you know, a computer? And most of us have lamps so we don't have to stop goofing off just because it's dark outside. Stove! Crockpot! Microwave! and....Electric coffeepot! I try to remember that not only is the concept of having power 24/7 pretty foreign in many parts of the world, but what we get to do with that electricity is just plain awesome.

~heat. Of course, there are many places where heat's not such an issue, though even the dark desert can get pretty cold at night. But this is one that, sadly, lots of people close to home don't even have. Or, they have to choose between heat and, say, food.

~shelter. Most of the Earth's surface is relatively inhospitable to humans at one point in the year or another. Having a place to call home--not to mention a place to store all our stuff, another foreign concept to many (what? You have stuff you don't have to abandon in the middle of the night?), a place that you can decorate any way you want, that is reasonably secure from outside intruders, somewhere you and your family (if any) can relax and sleep in something resembling safety: this is not a universal. I'm grateful to have one to call my own.

{Swelling music of "We Are the World"....NO! Stop! I said I wasn't going there. Music fades away.}

Just a few more things to add to my thankful-for list. They're easy to overlook in the hustle and the bustle of daily life, but I sure would miss them if they were gone!

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