November 20, 2006

TtBTF, #7

Things to Be Thankful For, #7: Matt

(As an aside, we'll see if he actually reads this. I've been ribbing him a lot lately for not checking the blog. In fairness, he usually gets to hear about whatever I'm writing about either just before or just after it shows up here; but I'm not telling him about this one.)

I'm sure I can't list all the things in one sitting that I'm thankful for on this subject, so in no particular order:
~They say that two major things determine one's happiness in life: your significant other, and your job. For at least the last ten years, I've loved all my jobs, and Matt has definitely provided the other piece of the happiness puzzle. Does he piss me off? Well, sure, sometimes. But never so much that I could imagine life without him. And most of the time, we go together like peanut butter and jelly.
~He is an awesome dad. He changes diapers, feeds and bathes, cuddles, tickles, and even comes up with goofy words to songs to entertain. Also, he is tending well to their musical education; without him, surely Laura could not sing along to "Ironman" or "Mamma Mia."
~He is a good example (for me, not just for the children). I figured out quite a while ago that one of my prerequisites for hotness in men is that they must be better than I am at something. Now, I know I've teased him about being better at worrying than I am, but truly, he's better at "walking the talk" than I am. We both care a lot about social justice, but Matt's the one in there slugging it out with District officials every spring in contract negotiations; he's also the one who is the "go-to guy" for teachers whenever there's a question of teacher discipline of any sort. They know he'll fight to make sure they are treated fairly (not that they necessarily wouldn't be; but Matt's always in their corner.) He likes to teach about controversial issues, not to stir up trouble (though sometimes that happens), but to ensure that students are thinking.
~I have also heard it said that we always marry our relatives. Not, thank God, in the literal sense, but more in that we seek the familiar, and find people who remind us of whence we've come. In many ways, Matt reminds me of what is good about my family members. He makes me laugh like my brother can; he sings constantly like Paul did; he shares my mother's disgusting sense of humor; he can schmooze like my Uncle John; he is sensitive like my father, and he believes in service to others like my grandfather (apologies to anyone I left out!) The best part, of course, is that I don't have to live with all the OTHER parts of those family members!

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Thanks! ;-)

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