November 5, 2006

TtBTF, #4

Things to Be Thankful For, #4: Good Drainage

While we were gone at the tournament yesterday, it really, really, really poured. But our basement was basically dry when we got home, in spite of the fact that the street, as usual, was flooded (we did make sure both cars were tucked into the driveway, just in case the flooding got worse....). We did have perhaps a tablespoon of water that leaked down in the traditional place behind the washer and dryer...but between the furnace and the dryer running, it's completely gone already (and just means we need to go out and clear the leaves off the roof there, wipe any accumulated moss off the gutter, and--eventually--landscape under the maple.)

I know I've written about our issues before, so it's especially gratifying to know that they appear to be solved. (And just in time; the city is hoping to soon address the issue of run-off, and I smirk smugly to myself, knowing that--because of precisely these issues--most of our water is not dumping into the storm sewer system, but is instead going onto our [entirely organically tended] property.)

It is good to have a dry basement in the rainy season in Oregon. Especially since we all sleep down there!

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