November 2, 2006

Things to Be Thankful For, #2

Oregon has a good system for voting. (I think today's the last day to send in your ballot, by the way, if you want it to get there via the USPS. Also, it will cut down on the number of phone calls you get once it's been checked in....)

I am so glad I do not live in a state with: punchcards, electronic machines (which may or may not work properly, regardless of how easy they are to hack), or even--today, especially, as it is pouring--traditional polling places. Although I could sympathize with one of my college profs who bemoaned the demise of the common gathering of the high and the low as we all voted, I never enjoyed figuring out what precinct I was supposed to go to, finding it on the map, making my way there, waiting in line, making sure I had my mind made up, worrying about if I messed up my ballot, making sure I had ID, making sure I was not working and could actually get there between certain hours, and on, and on, and on. A few days ago, my main concern was keeping my dinner off of my ballot (and Laura's dinner, come to think of it) as I voted in the comfort of my own home. Of course, there is a possibility of fraud in this as in any system. But all the examination that's been done of voting this way indicates that there is actually *less* fraud (and mistakes) (and disenfranchisement) this way than any of the others extant now.

So, All Hail Vote-By-Mail!

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Tami said...

LOVE v-b-m. Love it! Embarrassingly enough, this year's ballot is stained with coffee. *sigh*