November 14, 2006

Steel Band Jamboree

I've been looking for exercise music that is not on video/DVD, since the DVD and VCR are both in the--carpeted--basement (as is the sole, un-connected to an antenna or cable box, TV) and my computer doesn't read DVD's (Matt's does, but it is in the--carpeted--upstairs.) I've found a few at the library, mostly kid titles; that's fine with me, since I hardly ever get to exercise alone. Besides, it's just plain fun to watch them try to figure out new moves! (And they certainly have as much energy as the peppiest preppy you could find at the gym...)

One of the finds was Steve Leto's Steel Band Jamboree. I started playing it, they started boogeying, and now Laura is bugging me constantly to play specific songs again. And again. Generally, she needs to hear a song at least three times before it goes on her "most requested" list, so that's a pretty good recommendation. One caveat: some people find steel drum music annoying, and even repetitive. I'm not one of them (I often find repetition soothing.) (I often find repetition soothing.) I'm not one of them (I often find...okay, bad joke. I'll stop now.) Anyway, it's a good time, I like the tinkly music, and the kids are on board. Three thumbs up!

(As a side note, people could save a lot of money on personal coaches if they just have a child like Laura. She loves the exercise DVD's and any music we inflict on her, but more importantly, she is a champion nagger. Now that I'm feeling better, I can sense my resistance--and thus, my ability to say, "Not just now, sweetheart"--fading. Maybe we could rent her out for people who just need that one little extra push....Meantime, I have to admit it's nice to have someone around to inspire me.)

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